My Vimeo Channel

Selection of Video Projects:

Intercultural Learning: Critical preparation for international student travel
PDF to download containing videos
Jones, Miles and Gopalkrishnan, University of Technology Sydney ePress
Engaging with the Anthropology with Mike Wood (ALTAR JCU)
Life and Work of Laurie Bragge – James Cook University, Cairns, QLD, Australia
Secret Recipes at former KickArts Cairns, QLD, Australia (currently NorthSite Contemporary Arts)
Other Productions: – Secret Recipes – Indigenous Residential Printmaking – Art and Dementia Program
The Intricacies of Cocoa Pollination PART 1: Midges and The Pollination Process
Mars Sustainable Solutions with Samantha J Forbes
Entangled Futures Films – Plasticene Marine, The Cairns Institute, QLD, Australia
Mulumulung International Scholar Initiative with Jesse T Martin, The Streets Movement

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