People and Places

All the photographs on this website were made by Daniela Vavrova if not indicated otherwise. Daniela’s focus is on the people and the places they inhabit. Each photograph has a story to tell. They all together encompass a multitude of relationships with the lived environment and the audience.

The photographs were made by analogous Chinon camera, Nikon FM3A camera, Nikkor lens 35 mm, a zoom lens of approx. 70-250 mm, Nikon D700, 24-70mm Nikkor lens and a D 50mm Nikkor lens, and also by the iPhone XR. I bought Chinon in a photographic second hand shop in Bratislava, 1998, Nikon FM3A in San Diego, California 2006. But my very first camera called LOMO Smena 8M, made in Russia, was given to me by my late father in 1990s. He always did photograph when we were together and gave me a photo-album to my 18th birthdays with my childhood history.